Gratitude for Gifts

The day I received the email from Patti Kramlinger at the Mankato Area Foundation that Aktion Club Theatre of Mankato was being considered for a donation, I was in a small pop-up camper in Grand Marais writing the group’s play. I was all bundled up because the top temp of the day was around 50 degrees. Ideas were flowing. My fingers moved swiftly over the keys as the creative muse whispered the dialogue and story into my ear. One quick break to check my email and surprise there was an unexpected email from Patti. Some back and forth emails, clarifications and proposals ensued then I waited. The notification came quickly that Open Arts Minnesota would receive a $5,000.00 donation for Aktion Club Theatre of Mankato from the Kristine Lindvall Donor Advised Fund through the Mankato Area Foundation. Wow! My heart was full.

Since hearing of and receiving this donation, people have shared many awesome stories about Kris. My own children, Blake and Annakeiko had her as a teacher at Mankato West HS. She encouraged Blake to write poetry and gave him a book of poetry. I have heard stories of her dedication as a teacher, her inspiring mentorship of speech students, her love of theatre and the beautiful way in which she moved in the world. Before she passed from this world, Kris worked with the Mankato Area Foundation and Nancy Zallek to start a Donor Advised Fund. What a legacy Kris left us! It is a legacy that keeps on giving.

I am grateful to the Mankato Area Foundation and Patti Kramlinger for thinking about Aktion Club Theatre of Mankato. I am grateful to Jake and Sam Lindvall for choosing us to be the first recipients of their Aunt Kris’ fund. I am grateful to Kris for this gift that helps build the capacity of the theatre group and how this fund will benefit future groups and people. Alice Walker says this, “‘Thank you’ is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses gratitude, humility, understanding.” So, thank you Kris for your brilliance that keeps on shining.