The Curtain Opens!

“The Curtain Opens”


“Any human anywhere will blossom in a hundred unexpected talents and capacities simply by being given the opportunity to do so.” 

~Doris Lessing



Who knew that when the little girl roamed the woods, creating plays, playing all of the parts of those plays that it would lead her to the work that she does in the world.  Almost 50 plus years later, that little girl who is me, along with the many experiences, beautiful relationships, education and mentoring has realized a dream of opening a non-profit. This new organization is dedicated to the mission of creating and enhancing artistic opportunity for people of all ages and abilities.  As the years have unfolded, with all the plays that were written and performed, I have been led to this moment.  Now is the time to begin. So, I write this story as a three-year commitment to a program called “Spiritual Deepening for Global Transformation” comes to an end- an ending begets a new beginning. It is the time to begin.


As Open Arts Minnesota or OAM begins I am reminded that nothing is done in a vacuum or alone. OAM begins because of all of the people who have believed in me. I write with gratitude for family, friends, colleagues and mentors who graciously, over the span of my life have encouraged me, provided knowledge and lessons and given freely to me the gift of their presence. It is from this “ground of love and compassion” that I move forward with the creation of OAM.  With the help of many people- a loving partner in Brian Frink, a wonderful family and an incredible network of friends and founding board members Open Arts Minnesota launched as a non-profit in February of 2018.  The mission of creating opportunity for people of all abilities and ages within the arts, particularly in theatre and poetry will be done so in an environment of compassionate support. It can be no other way. According to the Charter for Compassion, compassion calls “us always to treat all others as we wish to be treated ourselves.”  As a founding member of OAM, I could see no other path but that of compassion. I learned about the Charter during my time at The Christine Center through the Spiritual Deepening for Global Transformation Program. Henrita Frost, SSND introduced the Charter to our group and shared not only her conviction to uphold the Charter but that of The Christine Center as well.  I always loved watching her eyes glow as she spoke of compassion and the Charter. Therefore, with the overwhelming consent of the OAM Board, we are a partner organization with the Charter for Compassion. Compassion is at the heart of Open Arts Minnesota and thus we begin with boundless hearts full of compassion and gratitude.  And, I dedicate this first story of Open Arts Minnesota to Sister Henrita Frost from the Christine Center. Thank you, Henrita. May Open Arts Minnesota strive always to uphold the Charter for Compassion with the same conviction as you have over the years.




Wilbur Neushwander-Frink